Fx7 Sanitiser/de-greaser

Fx7 Sanitiser and de-greaser.
5 Litres
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 Powerklean FX7 is a revolutionary all purpose cleaner, disinfectant, degreaser and steriliser “all in one”. Killing to log 7 germ kill the highest possible standard attainable under modern testing (BSEN 1276 & 1040), it represents no threat whatsoever to the environment as it is totally biodegradable and harmless. Bleach free, it is child, food and pet safe. It is non-flammable, non-volatile & non-toxic under everyday working conditions. Powerklean FX7 is completely safe to use in all areas and can be used by both skilled and unskilled staff. Powerklean FX7 will help you and your workforce get the job done properly in half the time, reducing labour and cleaning material costs.

Powerklean FX7 is a unilateral/blanket application product that can be used anywhere and by anyone.

It offers uninterrupted standards across the board, as it deals with all contact surfaces.

It can be used for cleaning and sterilizing floors, hard surfaces, tiles, refrigerators, worktops oven cleaning and degreasing, glass and mirrors.

Poweklean FX7 is ideal for use in washroom areas and can be used for removing stains on clothes, linen, carpet and rugs.

Its incredible germ kill at super low dilutions mean a little goes a long way and Powerklean FX7 offers outstanding value for money.


Units in box: 1 x 5 Litre Tub


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